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October 24, 2005


cj manhole

the hell with the practice test. i'm going to take a purely economic standpoint: a book of ten practice lsat tests costs about $20. assuming you're still a champ, you'll be drinking much more than $20 of alcohol for free on friday night. you can't deny the wisdom of the production possibilities frontier. long live the kernodle.

as for the halloween costume...nice. i'm going to get a skeleton costume, throw on a judge's robe, and go as billy rehnquist. if i was still at miami, i would definitely go as p.j. and find someone to be my walt vanderbush.


I was thinking of going as dead Willy H, too! Only I'd be hanging out with a bunch of engineers who wouldn't find my strict construction of zombie Rehnquist funny at all.

God dammit.

cj manhole

you could go as harriet miers, but then you'd have to leave the party before it started. just like miami.

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