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September 25, 2005



Hey girl,

As much as I love the picture, and enjoy you implying that my man is gay, I'm not sure he'd be a fan of having it posted. Meanwhile, HOLLLEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR when you're back up my way~


Corporate Weasel

Point taken. The picture stays: the ambiguously gay reference goes.

If we don't have compromise, what do we have?

CJ Manhole

whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? when are you coming up here? gotta let me know, i've got some "things" coming up the next few weekends...back to cleveland this weekend, river boat cruise early october (read: opportunity to make an ass out of myself in front of important faculty...open bar or pass the bar?)...and those two people that had drunken sex one night, got pregnant, and couldn't find a back alley abortionist are coming up mid october. that's right, manhole's parents are gonna paint chicago white.

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